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Flowery Fabric Coasters

Follow this step by step tutorial to create these sweet quilted fabric coasters. They are easy to make and will look lovely on your table or tied in a bundle with some ribbon & given as a gift. It's also a great way to use up some of that ever growing pile of left over fabrics!

You will need:

- Some scrap pieces of fabric (I have mixed and matched mine)

- A cardboard template 11x11 cm

- Felt or a thick fabric (for the middle)

- A needle & thread

- Pins

- Pencil

- Scissors

- I have used my sewing machine to stitch these but you can hand stitch them if you prefer & have enough patience!

1: Start by using your cardboard template to cut out squares of fabric. You will need two squares of fabric for each coaster.

-Once you have you have cut out your main fabrics, trim your cardboard template down to 10x10 cm & use it to cut your squares of felt (you will need one square of felt per coaster)

-I am making four coasters so I have cut 8 squares of fabric & four squares of felt.

2: place a square of felt on the wrong side of ONE piece of fabric and use a tacking stitch in each corner to hold this in place. This will help when turning your fabric thru later.

3: Get a second matching piece of fabric and place the two pieces right sides together & pin in to place

4: Stitch around the whole of the outside of 3 edges & half way around the 4th (so you can turn it back thru) ensuring that you do not stitch through the felt, just the fabric. Using the gap you have left on the 4th edge, turn your fabric back thru so the right side of your fabric is now on the out side. You can now remove your tacking stitches from the corners.

TIP: If you trim the edges down in the seam allowance, especially at the corners it will be easier to turn it back thru & will give you neater edges.

5: Now turn in the open edge so that it is neatly in line with the part that is already stitched, pin in to place & press with an iron.

6: Using a 0.5cm allowance, stitch a square spiral around your whole coaster, starting from the outside and continuing until you reach the centre. Remember to finish your stitches by either using a reverse stitch or tying them off by hand.

7: Repeat steps 1-6 on for each coaster


Your Coasters are now complete!

Use them straight away or wrap them in a ribbon & give them as a sweet handmade gift :)

I hope you liked this tutorial, Thanks for stopping by! :)

Holly x x

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