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Pattern Cutting Part 4: adaptions

Pattern Cutting Part 4: adaptions


Would you love to learn how to draft your very own Patterns that fit absolutely perfectly in all the right places?

Look no further 😍

A Block is the most basic form of a pattern. From this block you have the opion to create your very own designs, knowing that they will fit you perfectly 👌

(You will need to have completed part 1, 2 or 3 or all of them depending on the design you want to create)

Part 4 will include:

- How to adapt your basic block in to a style of your choice (bring a few designs with you/ images of the item you would like to re-create)

- how to adapt necklines

-dart rotation

- slash and spread method

- learn about wearing ease and style ease

-how to change the style of your bodice/skirt/trouser to create the style of your choice

Please bring with you:

Note pad and pen

Tracing paper suitable for cutting patterns (no baking paper please due to the small width) Tracing paper can be purchased on the day of your workshop directly from us.

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